Articulate Your Outcomes + Boost Your Sales

One of the most consistent problems I help my clients with is being able to share the VALUE of their work in a way their ideal clients really ‘get’.

Because if your copy isn’t converting, then you’re not going to get those consistent yeses and growing income that I know you want!

I see so many of my clients when I first work with them so frustrated by this because they know how transformative their work is and they just don’t understand why their audience isn’t seeing that too.

And when that keeps happening, you can start to doubt the value of your work and start shrinking when it comes to marketing your offers.

And we don't want that!!

That's why I created Articulate Your Outcomes + Boost Your Sales, so you can see exactly how to express value of your work in a way that reaches your ideal client so they see the value of investing with you.

In this workshop you will learn:

- The Value Matrix that helps you clearly identify what your ideal client needs to hear to establish value

- How to join the dots between client problems and your solutions

- The 3 levels of ‘result’ your ideal client needs to hear from you (and when)

- Copywriting formulas that will instantly improve your promotional copy

- Common mistakes around sharing value that make people’s eyes glaze over and how to write so they are leaning in instead

I’ll share plenty of examples so you can see all of this in action to so we can get your brain wired to share value in a way that truly lands with your soul client and has them saying yes. 

If you want to dive in to this sales-boosting training, click the 'Buy Now' button and you'll get instant access. 

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