Map Your Genius Workshop

Are you someone who wants to...

✅ Develop a highly valuable business asset that will elevate your earning potential

✅ Never have to wonder again about what to share for your content marketing

✅ Stand out as an expert and be supremely confident when talking about your work

✅ Be a ninja at articulating what you do and specifically how you help someone get a result

Then you're going to weep with joy when you do the Map Your Genius workshop!

Here’s the thing…

A lot of the women I work with who don't have the above just yet are missing one key thing... and it's not a lack of inspiration, but in fact a lack of clarity.

Internal clarity about HOW you help people.

And THAT is why having a signature method or framework is so freakin’ powerful.

When you’ve nutted out your process, it gives YOU a level of inner clarity about your work and why it works that you won’t have experienced before.

And that confidence and clarity is palpable.

But that's not all my friend, your signature method is also:

🌟 Scalable

🌟 Authority inducing

🌟 Credibility creating

🌟 Trust provoking.

🌟 And sales boosting!

So, want to come and create a signature framework that’s gonna be super powerful for your business?

Then hit the Buy Now button below and let's get crafting a method that will make you stand out as an expert and make more money in our business. 

During this 90min workshop we will:

✅ Talk about the big picture outcome your ideal client wants

✅ Identify the markers and milestones on the journey to that outcome

✅ Outline the steps or stages of how you help them go from A to B

✅ Draft your signature process or method

✅ Talk about how to name your process for maximum impact

BONUS: I’ll also give you 4 content prompts to help you turn that signature framework into oodles of content!

Honestly, when I've helped women nut out their signature process it's been game changing. 

Results they've shared with me include:

- Finding a deeper understanding of the VALUE of their work, which helped them embody a level of confidence they hadn't achieved before.

- Showing up more confidently in sales calls because she knew exactly how her process could help - and how to explain that to the person in front of her.

- Feeling her work had more practical credibility because she could explain the steps of her process and the outcomes each piece delivered to her ideal client. (Before that it had felt a bit vague and wafty.)

If you'd like to feel more clear and confident talking about your transformational work, so you can sell more of your services to people who need them, then this workshop will 100% help! 

Hit the Buy Now button below to get instant and lifetime access :)

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Map Your Genius Workshop

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