Content Planning Made Easy Course

The antidote to content confusion is here. Get ready to be strategic, stay consistent, and enjoy generating more engagement, leads and growth for your business with the CONTENT PLANNING MADE EASY COURSE.

Just $9 USD!

Are you someone who has been winging it with your content for a while now and following the inspiration when it comes, but that’s just not cutting it anymore, right? 

Is it still hard for you to be consistent, even though you've really been trying to nail that sucker!? 

And are you just fed up with putting in all this effort and not getting the results in audience growth or new clients that you want?

I hear you! It sucks when you’ve got all this valuable wisdom to share, but you’re feeling confused about how to share it in a strategic way that serves your audience, your business AND doesn’t take all the hours of the day! 

But what if there was a way to get the clarity you need to turn the tap on your content marketing and get way more bang for your buck than you are now? (‘Cause there is ;p)

Let me introduce you to... Content Planning Made Easy. 

A 5-step system to help you say goodbye to lacklustre results and say hello to strategic content marketing that grows your audience, your business - and your income.

When you’ve got your bespoke content plan up and running you will: 

  • Share more content that leads to more sales
  • Build more audience connection and trust through consistency 
  • Feel confident you have a content plan that actually grows your business
  • Stop wasting your time and effort on spaghetti marketing
  • Know exactly how to produce a 90-day content plan in just 90mins

What will I learn?

Glad you asked ;) In this course you’ll discover: 

  • A tried + tested, repeatable process for successfully nailing your content planning
  • How to use your content marketing to make more money in your business
  • A flexible structure that can adapt to how much time you have so you don’t get overwhelmed 
  • A streamlined approach that builds on your natural marketing style
  • Why a bespoke plan actually makes creating content easier and faster
  • A way to give purpose and direction to all your inspired ideas!

This course is for you if you want to be more strategic with your content without having to:

Spend even more time on your marketing. 

Learn any new tech or marketing methods. 

Feel trapped by an inflexible structure (been there and done that, which is why I make this process adaptable to YOU).  

What’s inside the course:

  • Immediate, lifetime access to the course (delivery completed by Aug 4)
  • A comprehensive, fillable workbook so you can create your own bespoke content planning system 
  • 5 x bite-sized videos that walk you through each step of the planning process (delivered from July 31st to Aug 4)
  • Live Q+A call on Tuesday August 8th for anyone who has purchased by then
  • BONUS: Yearly Content Planning Spreadsheet
  • BONUS: Weekly Content Creation Google Doc
  • BONUS: 90-Day Content Plan on a Page Template

Why learn from me?

Hi! I'm Lynn Hord, Copy Queen and Intuitive Business Mentor, and for the past decade I’ve helped many a soul-led business women to master their message, embody their expertise and stand out as the industry leader they came here to be. 

I’ve been working with words for 20+ years as a journalist, copywriter and copy coach. And one of the things I'm known for is my gift for frameworks and ability to break down content creation into easy, understandable steps. 

Which means you get to ditch the confusion and get clarity about the who, what, why and when of successful content planning when you dive into this course :)

But you don’t have to take my word for it! Here’s some words from people who have worked with me...

Praise from past clients...

This is a brand new offer, but here's what people have said from other trainings:

I got so much out of your training Lynn! I LOVE the way you break things down so I can understand. You’re a gem and so is this training. Thank you. - Cynthia

This process has been so helpful. The framework really gives focus to all my ideas and keeps me on track with producing content that actually benefits my business - as well as my clients! - Lisa

Ready to nail your content planning so you can supercharge your marketing efforts?

Then whip out your credit card and spend a whole 9 bucks to get immediate access to this comprehensive resource that will give you the blow-by-blow of purposeful content planning :) 


Are there any refunds? 

Due to the digital nature of this product there are no refunds. 

Got any other questions? Email me at

8 Modules

Content Planning Made Easy Fillable Workbook

Intro: 3 Ways This Course Will Help You + How to Make the Most of It

Step 1 - Your Business Goals

It's time to dive in to step 1 - Deciding Your Business Goals, so you can be strategic and purposeful with your content. 

Step 2 - Your Promotions

Step 3 - Your Monthly Theme

Step 4 - Your Weekly Focus

Step 5 - Your Daily Content

BONUS: 90-Day Content Planning

Modules for this product 8
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