Own The Throne Challenge

This challenge is designed to help you amplify your voice and power-up your message so you can attract your soul clients!

It takes you through the 5-step process I have used, and my clients have used, to increase their presence, their potency and be even more on purpose. 

It addresses and provides solutions to the core challenges I see in my clients all the time: 

- How to turn your message confusion into message clarity

- What it takes to stop doubting yourself and truly believe you ARE the perfect messenger

- How to create compelling content that showcases your knowledge, experience, expertise and uniqueness and attracts your ideal client

- How to make a simple marketing plan that supports you to show up consistently and in a way that utilises your strengths

- How to craft a unique message that reflects your personality, passion and perspectives, so that you easily stand out from the crowd

These are the recorded sessions of the Own The Throne 5-Day Challenge held in May 2022 and each session covers: 

Session 1: Clarify Your Message Essence

Feeling fully confident in your message is all about clarity. We'll dive into WHAT are you uniquely here to share? And WHO is your message for?

Session 2: Connect Up Your Conviction

The secret to a powerful message that inspires people to take action isn’t in the words you use, but the energy you share. We’ll talk about 3 ways to ELEVATE your message.

Session 3: Create Inspired Content

Creating content doesn't need to feel hard! We'll look at easy ways to source inspired, relevant content ideas that your soul client will just eat up.

Session 4: Cultivate Marketing Consistency

Consistency IS key. Together we'll look at how to marry inspiration with planning to create flexible structures that support you to show up on the regular and reach more people!

Session 5: Commit to Becoming More YOU

To amplify your voice, you'll need to become someone new. We'll look at what you need to let go of in order to bravely and boldly step into the magnetic leader you came here to be.

Session 6: Content Co-Creation Workshop 

This 90min live workshop walks you through how to pick your niche, come up with your content pillars, and how to turn those content pillars into specific, actionable post or email ideas to write and share on! (People love this practical, detailed workshop!)

All together you get access to: 

- 5 x recorded sessions that you can watch, pause, and relisten to in your own time

- 1 x 90min Content CoCreation Workshop that walks you through choosing your niche, creating your content pillars and using them to create specific content ideas

- 1 x 17-page comprehensive challenge workbook that highlights key points and gives you questions and frameworks to apply what you learn to your own business

If it sounds what you need, dive on in!

6 Modules

Session 1: Get Clarity on Your Message Essence

Session 2: Connect Up Your Conviction

Session 3: Create Inspired Content

Session 4: Cultivate Marketing Consistency

Session 5: Commit to Being More YOU

Content Co-creation Workshop

Modules for this product 6
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