The Craft of Writing: Free Training

Want to have more engaging writing? Then this training is for you!

You've probably had that experience where you're reading a post or an article or perhaps a book and the writing is so engaging you don't realise you've been mesmerised until you get to the end.

As a writer, the ability to draw your audience in and create that sense of you and them is a beautiful thing. It's like you're having a conversation on the page.

Becoming conversational in writing isn't something that comes easy to a lot of people because we have had so much training for the opposite - 'professional' writing. At school and university and in our corporate jobs we're taught to write reports or training manuals or briefs with a very formal cadence. We're taught to keep ourselves out of it and only write the facts.

As a former journalist I totally get this, I was trained that way too.

But if we want to create engaging writing, posts, sales copy or emails, we need to UNLEARN what we've been taught and give ourselves permission to write like we speak.

Even if you swear.

Even if you speak in contractions.

Even if it's not grammatically correct.

I do all of the above. And I do it because that is the way I talk.

If you're in business, we are in the game of connection. We're looking for people to build a connection, appreciation and trust in us or our brand.

And if we write unlike we speak, it creates a disconnect. It jars people when they read something you might write and then listen to a video you might share.

And that's not conducive to connection!

So how do we write more like we speak?

Well, there is the simple answer of course, write like you speak!

But sometimes that's easier said than done, so I've brought together 5 simple writing techniques that I use, and that I teach my clients, for how to create more engaging writing.

Inside this free training, The Craft of Writing, I walk you through:

- 3 simple ways to create more flow in your writing

- How to make your writing pop with personality

- 3 principles that will make your writing more effective

These are tips I've learnt from 20 years working as a journalist and editor. I use them every day in my own writing or when reviewing my client's copy - and I know these tips will help you too. 

So head to the link below if you'd like to discover some advanced writing techniques that will make your writing flow, feel more personable and engage your audience even more! 

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